A parking war is brewing in Totnes.

Families on the outskirts of Totnes are furious more cars are parking down their road because the council has introduced permits in the town centre.

Workers and shoppers who would have left their car for free, right in the action, are now looking for other spots further afield. Many are opting for the cul-de-sac Copland Meadow.

Residents there have told Heart it is actually becoming dangerous with cars parking everywhere. Emergency and cleaning vehicles have struggled to get up the road and people say it is an accident waiting to happen.

Many complained to Devon County Council who then wrote to all the residents asking if they wanted to get permit parking on the road, but gave them only a couple of days to respond to the letter. 

Residents say it was a ridiculous deadline, and as it was half term a lot of people could not reply as they were on holiday.

Heart approached the authority who said:

"We are sorry that some residents were concerned about the letter we sent out last week asking for their opinion about extending the resident parking scheme and the short closing date.

"This was an administrative error.

"We have listened to their feedback and the consultation will now end in two weeks' time on 18 June and a new letter is being hand delivered to residents on Friday 4th June.

"We apologise for any inconvenience our first letter caused."