Unborn babies at risk

Devon Primary Care Trust say mums are encouraged to quit and are offered extra support – they also get specific help and advice from midwives during anti-natal sessions.

Tobacco smoke contains 4 thousand chemicals. These toxins are in poisonous gases and dust-like particles too small for the eye to see.

When you breath in these gases and particles they get into every cell in your body and in pregnant mums are passed into the bloodstream or your unborn child.

By making your home smoke free you and your family will notice the benefits straight away, Carbon Monoxide levels in your body reduce dramatically after only 24 hours going smoke free.

The NHS Stop Smoking Services can offer help and support especially for pregnant women. Together we’ll find the way to quit that’s right for you. Give it a go. Evidence shows that you’re up to four times more likely to stop smoking successfully if you use NHS support.

You can find out more and get in touch in a few ways:

For free, friendly advice call the Devon NHS Pregnancy Smoking Helpline on

01884 836024 This is a confidential support service.

Devon NHS Stop Smoking service e-mail: stopsmoking.devonpct@nhs.net

A specially trained adviser will answer your call and if you sign up for the callback programme, you can receive ongoing support throughout your pregnancy.

You can also find tips on stopping smoking and how to contact your local NHS Stop Smoking service at this website.

Website: www.devonpct.nhs.uk