VIDEO: Rip Current Rescue In South Devon

A surfer and a body boarder were grateful that RNLI lifeguards were on duty at Sedgewell Cove in the South Hams on Monday 17 June when they got caught in a rip current. 

The man and woman had been swept out to sea by a combination of the rip, offshore winds and an ebbing tide. Both were brought ashore in the charity’s inshore rescue boat. The incident happened around 5pm when the man who was surfing and the woman who was body boarding got caught in the rip current. 

With the tide ebbing and force five offshore winds, they were rapidly heading out to sea. 

They were spotted by the patrolling RNLI lifeguard team and Jason Macbroom and Chris Rampling immediately launched the inshore rescue boat. 

The two people were plucked out of the sea with their boards and taken back to shore unharmed by their ordeal. 

Jason Jackson, RNLI Supervisor, says the incident proves the worth of visiting a lifeguarded beach: 

"The combination of conditions, with an ebbing tide and offshore winds, meant the two people were being very rapidly taken out to sea. 

"The patrolling lifeguards spotted them quickly, which resulted in them being brought back to shore safely. 

"It just goes to show that it’s worth visiting a lifeguarded beach so we can look after you if the conditions catch you out and things start to go wrong."