All about Michaela

We asked Mic a load of questions and here are her answers....

What was the last CD you bought/track you downloaded? Beyonce – I am Sasha Fierce

Most listened to track on my iPod:  Joseph Arthur - In the Sun

Most embarrassing track on my iPod:  Nobody wants to be lonely Ricky Martin and Christian Aguilera

Who would your ideal guest be?  Angelina Jolie

What’s your karaoke track of choice?  Dido - Life for rent

First album I bought:  T'pau - Bridge of Spies

Favourite gig you’ve ever been to?  Pink. She rocks

Life in the South Hams

What's your favourite South hams place?  Mothecombe on a nice winters day walking the children.

Favourite drinking hole in The South Hams? The Ship Inn, Noss Mayo. 

Favourite place to get away from it all:  Plymbridge woods on my mountain bike with the children running behind me

Favourite thing to do in The South hams: Walking along the coastal path near my favourite surfing beach at Banthem.

Favourite place to go shopping:  Animal

Time to get personal

What makes you laugh?  Anything, I love laughing, that's how I keep my youthful appearance don't you know

What's the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?  When one door closes another one opens

How would your best friend describe you in three words?  loyal, genorous & funny

Which bit of your body do you like the least?  The fat which currently covers my whole body

Why didn't you ask me about: My children (dogs)?

What were you like at school?  Exactly the same as I am now but smaller

I'm most proud of honestly?  My mum and the way she never gave up as she fought cancer.

We’re buying, what will you have? Cold beer please.

Worst job I ever had:  Cleaning the shower floors of a passenger ferry, it was truly horrid.

From my wardrobe you can have:  A sheep skin coat, I don't know why it's in there I've never worn it but it's so old I think it may be worth money one day, I'm sure it was my dads.

If you're getting a takeaway I’ll have:  Anything, I have an addiction to junk food

Facebook is:   The most brilliant invention on the planet

The first thing I do when I get out of the Studio is:  Check facebook of course.