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Saturday 15th May

Have you heard about the 12 year old boy who’s became a hit on YouTube with his cover version of Lady Gaga's Paparazzi. Apparently Lady Ga Ga phoned him to say how good she thought he was. Here it is if you haven’t seen it yet.



Monday 10th May

Could Janey be the next Susan Boyle? Janey is 81 years old and appeared on this weekends Britton’s Got Talent. Some are saying she’s the next Susan Boyle and has already generated interest in America. If you missed her performance, here it is, see what you think.



Tuesday 4th May

Good afternoon! Hope you had a great Bank Holiday Weekend. Wish I could write about what amazing and exciting things I got up to over this weekend, however the truth is, I didn’t. I had a really lazy weekend watching old 80’s movies like “Teen Wolf” and playing on the PS3. Any way here’s a little something amazing to look at, Damien Walters is a Free Runner, checkout some of his amazing moves.


Friday 16th April

Happy Friday!! Hope you are all set for a great weekend, looks like the weather is going to be pretty good. Check out this tongue 'n' cheek video, it's fast becoming an internet sensation! It’s an Alicia Key’s parade all about Torquay’s night life. It’s quite funny.


Friday 9th April

This week I got a new mobile phone! I’m such a gadget lover it’s ridiculous. I’ve been doing the usual thing of showing it off to everyone and causing much annoyance by trying every ringtone at full volume.

Because I’m such a gadget lover, I did quite a lot of research to help me decide which phone I should get. Whilst trawling the internet I found this amazing video. It’s of a girl who plays Lady Ga Ga’s Poker Face, just by using her iphone. You have to see it to believe it.

 Thursday 1st April

It’s Thursday but it feels like Friday, all thanks to the lovely bank holiday weekend that’s coming up. Today of course is the 1st April, or April fool’s Day. Have you been caught out by anything in today’s news? Here’s a few of my favourite attempts to catch us out by today’s media.

The Daily Mail reports that the AA will start trialling breakdown men fitted with jet packs from today, for a faster response.

The Express says The Queen flew Easy jet from Luton to Aberdeen yesterday - in a bid to play a 'practical joke' on Prince Philip.

The Telegraph says specially trained ferrets are being used to lay down broadband internet cables in rural areas.

Have a great Bank Holiday!

Monday 22nd March

Happy Monday!

Hope you had a great weekend. The weather is rubbish today, so if you are stuck indoors here’s a little something to look at. This guy is in all the papers today, he used to be a lawyer, gave up his job to become an artist. Here’s the great bit, he uses Lego to make sculptures. They are actually quite impressive, if you want to see some here’s his website.

 Friday 19th March

Hi, wow what a great day it’s been here at Heart. Our first ever “Have a Heart Appeal Day.” Thanks to everyone who has donated, sponsored and bid, your money really is going to a worthwhile cause. Some of today’s highlights for me have been Lamar singing an exclusive acoustic song, he sounded fantastic and Heart Breakfast’s Martin Mills voyage of the villages. There are loads of photos to have a look at on the Have a Heart page and don’t forget you can still donate by clicking here.

 Friday 12th March

Afternoon, hope you’ve had a great week. It’s Feel Good Friday, my favourite day of the week and the weekend is just a few hours away. This weekend I’ll be having a house party, no unfortunately this isn’t an invitation to come, unless you promise to help tidy up afterwards!

If Friday afternoon’s lagging a bit for you, here’s a little something weird and wonderful I found on the internet. The story of a student who fell asleep whilst frying bacon (dangerous thing to do) Woken by smoke, he found the face of Jesus burnt into the grease in his frying pan. You can read the full story and see a picture here.

Wednesday 3rd March

Afternoon, happy Wednesday!

Here’s something strange that caught my eye, possible proof of life on Mars! Well in all honestly it’s more likely to be a trick of the eye caused by rocks and shadows. Click here to see the picture. It appears to show a gorilla type figure walking between the rocks on the planet’s surface. Weird or what!

Tuesday 2nd March

It’s far too early to talk about Christmas, but I do want one of these this year. It’s a hover craft with wings, when it reaches 70km an hour it takes off. This truly is the ultimate boy’s toy and is up for sale on an internet auction site.

Feel free to buy it for me ;-) Click here to see the pictures.

Monday 1st March

Good afternoon, hope you had a great weekend!

I’ve just heard some amazing show biz gossip! Looks like Johnny Depp could be heading to Cornwall. Rumours are that the next Prates of the Caribbean film will be partly shot in St Ives.

I wonder if they will be looking for locals to become extras, just like the newly released Alice in Wonderland? If you want to read more on this, here’s the full story.

Tuesday 23rd February

It’s been a bit of a quiet week for me, don’t know about you, but I find when it gets cold I hibernate, so that’s what I’ve been doing during this latest cold snap. However one night last week, whilst driving home after the show, I saw a weird figure standing in the road. No it wasn’t a ghost, but a lost dog. I’m a big dog lover and decided to make it my mission to find its owner. Well after about ten minuets of what of must looked like a strange Benny Hill sketch, me running around Avonwick trying to catch it, you’ll be pleased to know I and the dog got home safe and sound.

That’s it for now, catch you later.

Tuesday 16th February

Today is one of my favourite days of the year, Pancake Day. I’ve not yet decided what filling I’ll be having in mine tonight, but you can guarantee it will involve banana’s, ice cream and what ever else I can get my hands on. If you’ve not yet got your ingredients, don’t panic here’s a video on how to make pancakes from scratch.

Monday 8th February

Hi, well I’ve just finished covering for Martin Mills on Breakfast this morning, getting up at 4:30am, wow that’s tough. Thanks for joining in and all your texts.
Anyway, had a great weekend, believe it or not I baked a cake on Sunday. Yeah I know sounds like something out of an Enid Blyton story. It was all a bit of a disaster and still soft in the middle. Turns out I’m no Gordon Ramsey, the only thing we have in common are the occasional out bursts of bad language. Anyway have a great week, speak soon.


Monday 1st February

Welcome to our new, all singing and dancing website and the new Drive Time page. Some silly sausage has decided I should have my own blog. I’ve never really written a blog before so you’ll have to bear with me on this, oh and please don’t laugh at my bad punctuation and terrible spelling.


Well I’m off to get ready for this afternoon’s show, I’ve got some great music so listen in.


Bye for now…. Chris.