Firearms Amnesty: More than 500 items handed in

26 November 2014, 14:20 | Updated: 26 November 2014, 14:27

Devon and Cornwall Police

A firearms amnesty held by Devon and Cornwall Police is being hailed as a success, with some unusual items handed in.

Between the 3rd and 17th of november, Devon and Cornwall Police held a Firearms Amnesty, where people could hand in any weapons and no questions would be asked of them.

Devon and Cornwall Police have released a list of the items that were handed in, which include 159 shotguns, 145 pistols and 43 rifles.

Two grenades with their pins out, thought to be from the war, were handed in to officers in Cornwall.

There were also two antique duelling pistols, believed to be from Belgium handed in. Police are now investigating where they came from, as they're thought to be worth quite a lot of money.

Devon and Cornwall Police say they're glad people handed in the items, as now there are less firearms on our streets.

Dan Mountain tells Heart " A lot of the weapons seized probably don't pose an immediate risk to people, but if people were carrying them on the streets then they would alarm others, so we're glad to get them into a safe place"

Some of the guns will be subject to investigation and examination, but the vast majority of them will be disposed of in a machine which chops the weapons up and recycles their parts.

Devon and Cornwall Police have provided us with a list of all the items handed in:

SHOTGUNS 159 shotguns, 25-Plymouth, 70 Devon and 64 Cornwall/IOS

PISTOLS 145 Pistols: 22-Plymouth, 65 Devon and 58 Cornwall/IOS

RIFLES 43 Rifles, 8-Plymouth, 26 Devon and 9 in Cornwall/IOS

AIRWEAPONS 94 Airweapons: 20-Plymouth, 37 Devon and 37 in Cornwall/IOS

BB GUNS 13 BB Guns: 3-Plymouth, 6 Devon and 4 in Cornwall/IOS

TASER 1 Taser-Cornwall. 1 x Taser torch Devon

FLARES 24 Flares: 7 Plymouth, 8 Devon and 9 in Cornwall and IOS

AMMUNITION Various Ammunition Lots: 42- Plymouth, 140- Devon and 80 in Cornwall/IOS 

2 X Grenades Cornwall (pins out!)