Well done messages...

Here's your chance to tell us what Race for Life 2010 was like for you. Share your memories or say well done to someone who took part. Simply use the form at the bottom of the page.

Bless you, Ann

Well done to everyone who completed the Race For Life on Wednesday, especially my two sisters.  This was our first time, but it won't be the last - we're already thining about next year! I felt so proud to be part of it, and was very moved by the messages people were wearing.  I did it for my friend Ann who died of cancer, aged 47, just two weeks ago.  Bless you, wherever you are, Ann. xxx

My two wonderful sisters

Well done to everyone who took part in the Race For Life yesterday at Trinity Park - but especially to my two wonderful sisters.  It was a wonderful evening and so inspiring to see so much effort being  made to fight this terrible disease.  Sad to see how many of us have lost loved ones to cancer - but hopefully as the years pass we will see more people saying thank you for the loved ones whose lives have been saved and less who are running for those they have lost.  I am proud to have been a small part of this wonderful event. In loving memory of my beloved Nan, my cousin Darren and my sister's friend Ann who died very recently after a very brave battle.  
Linda  N

Team Argos

Well done Team Argos, Felixstowe you girls have done yourselves proud...hugs to all...


In memory of Nan

I ran the 5km race for life in Bury, in memory of my Nan who unfortunately died 5 years ago. She had grade I lung cancer which then metamorphosed into bowl, liver and brain cancer. Nobody should be forced to go through that amount of pain although she kept strong the whole way through - I miss her loads and hope that everyone out there will not have to suffer like that. It was a very hot time to be running (the afternoon) so a lot of people were very tired. I could barely walk but as I came around the last corner I broke into a run - it was quite an emotional thing! And to everyone out there who has cancer, I am so sorry but keep fighting it we'll find a cure in the end! Natasha (age 13)


I ran my 1st R4L at Nowton Park, Bury St Edmunds on Sunday 27th June - it was hot, hot, hot but I crossed the line in 39m08s and I'm so proud to have run for FBC's clients with cancer.  Mrs A, Mrs C, Mrs D, Mrs H, Mrs W1 and Mrs W2 and in memory of Mr L - you were with me every step of the way!  So far I've raised an amazing £570 so thank you to all our clients who've supported me throughout my training and thank you to Karen Perkins, Jo Butcher and Emma Davis - Rosemary Conley instructors who've supported me in losing 66lb to be able to run this (!) and a special thank you to my husband Trevor for being my rock for the last 10 years X Here's a pledge for 2011 - let's double the distance and double the money...


Well done to my sister in law Brenda on doing her 1st race for life at chantry park 13/06/10. I had a great time doing it with you . Hope you are up for next year . Love your sister in law Tracey x x x


Well done to my sister ellena for doing the race for life i am so proud of you. Really didnt think i would make it but we did it xxxx


Hi i did the race for life for the first time today i walked it in under an hour due to having arthritis unfortanatly i couldnt run it but was so proud of everyone who took part and really proud of my sister ellena who ran it all and done so well WELL DONE EVERYONE it was so hot in nowton park but no one gave up and everyone did so well x

Judy's Hen Party

I did Race for Life in Nowton Park Bury St Edmunds yesterday afternoon as part of my Hen Party celebrations.  I ran in a pink tutu, bride to be sash and veil.  5 of us took part - one ran, two of us jogged, two walked but we all finished.  We all had our personal reasons for doing it - mine was in memory of my friend Bob who died 3 years ago when my new son was just 10 days old; I miss him every day.  We all had a great time yeaterday despite the heat and are feeling very proud of ourselves this morning.

Fairy Flys

Thank you my 'Fairy Flys' for making my 30/20 so memorable, I don't think the naughty pirate lead you astray! What's the theme next year?

Roxane and Julia

Well done to roxane and julia, for doing the race for life at Nowtn Park, and for taking two of the tenants from the courtyard with you, ( Bridget and Jenny who both suffer with Dementia)

Raedwald Day Unit

Well done to the Raedwald day unit,girls cant believe we done it,what a brilliant day,and all for such a good cause!!katie would of been proud and was having a chuckle i bet!..xxxxxx


I would like to say well done to everyone who took part in Race For Life, whereever you may of done it! I raced yesterday at Chantry Park Ipswich, and it was such an amazing atmosphere! Well done to everyone, its such a good cause!! xx

For Dawn

I took part in race for life yesterday at Chantry Park in Ipswich. It was my first time doing race for life, as in March a very close friend of mine passed away from cancer aged only 24. She passed away from what was actually skin cancer as she had battled and fought the disease four years ago, however checks were only made on her skin and she was never examined internally and unfortunatly because of this the doctors didnt pick up that the cancer had moved internal, and therefore it was too late when they found it! She was such a brave and happy lady through out it all, she even married her partner just two days before she passed away!! I raced for life because i do not want this same thing to happen to others, and therefore I want to raise money so that the correct checks are made regurlary!  On a good note, race for life is such an amazing experience, a great atmosphere and a lot of fun. I will definatly be doing it again next year! Your truely missed Dawn!


Well done everyone who took part yesturday.  Thank goodness the sun was shining and a great time was had by all.  See you all again next year.

Jodie and Tanya

Congratulations Jodie and Tanya - now get practising for the marathon - ha ha
From the Lavender Hill Mob


Well Done Alice - you done a brillant run - and a big thank you for encouraging me to do the race too - love you x x x x

Darling Daughter

Well done to my darling daughter, thanks for the golden memories we made together today, love you and well done sweetie.   xxxxx  
Mum (Deb)

Team Tesco

Well done to everyone of Team Tesco 2751!!!!
Love Vicki N xxxxx


I have lost my grandmother, mother and sister to this dreadful desease and also my best friend.  My mother died aged 41 when I was 16 and now at 53 I consider myself lucky to still be here for my family.  my sister passed away last Christmas and my best friend three Christmas' ago....each step I take I will remember them all and never forget that life is worth living, spend each day looking forward and remember those gone and embrace those still here.
Sandra Wyatt


I am very proud of my daughter Nicola who took part with me today in memory of her great grandad peter who died 6 months ago, we walked it in 51mins and are already aiming to beat that next year.
Jo Goodyear

Debenham Divas

Well done "Debenham Divas" for doing Race for Life 2010 at Chantry Park, Ipswich! What a great day xx Looking forward to next year!!

Tesco in Kesgrave

Well done to all my friends from Tesco in Kesgrave who completed  Race For Life at Chantry Park 13/06/10. Also my sister - in - law Brenda.
Love Tracey K . X X


Well done to every woman and child who ran this morning, it was a great event allbeit I was a little stressed by no Park and Ride buses having come from Beccles but a special thankyou to the kind Citreon Berlingo driver who led the way for me to follow so that I could get to the event on time.  Thanks again xxxx