1500 Posts Estimated To Go At Council

8 December 2010, 05:00

Suffolk County Council could be cutting nearly 1500 jobs over the next two years.

It's as they try to save up to £125 million in the next four years due to government cutbacks.

The final decision will not be made until February next year, but it is estimated there will be 421 posts lost during this financial year and around 1,472 in the next financial year.

However, Jane Storey from the County Council told Heart even though redundancies are inevitable as they look to make savings, it does not mean that the number of posts going is the same as the number of people losing their jobs: "There may be people who are just moving on, or who are retiring, just decided to give up work or try something else, so the number of posts is not necessarily the equivalent of the number of people that leave the organisation."

She also added that the County Council will be offering support to anyone facing redundancy, "We try to work with people whether they want to re-deploy to other organistations, re-deploy within Suffolk County Council, so re-training and that sort of thing, or whether they want to try and completely different process altogether."

Norfolk County Council are also having to make savings of £155 million over the next 3 years due to government cutbacks and it is estimated up to 3000 posts could go by 2014.