£160k Job Applications Close at Council

Suffolk County Council have been advertising for a new Chief Executive with pay of up to £160,000 a year, and applications close today.

Its after their last Chief Executive, Andrea Hill, left a couple of months ago.

Emma Boon from the Taxpayers Allowance told Heart; "This won't sit well with a lot of people in Suffolk, especially in the face of big cuts to services, and at a time where the council needs to be saving money."

Councillor Mark Bee, Suffolk County Council’s Leader, said: “We’ve thought long and hard about setting an appropriate salary for the new chief executive. All political groups on the council have been consulted and it is felt that the salary agreed today strikes the right balance between keeping salaries to a minimum and finding a candidate with the credentials and experience to help Suffolk through challenging financial times.

“The new salary is a maximum and is £60,000 less than the previous chief executive salary level. Suffolk is lowering the bar on public sector salaries by paying its head of service less than any other county council in the region and one of the lowest salaries in the country. In these financial times, we feel this is an appropriate cause of action.”