A14: Eight-Yr-Olds Interviewed after Rocks Thrown Onto Cars

Police interview two eight year old boys after rocks were thrown onto a main road.

Suffolk Police have identified and formally interviewed two boys in relation to stones being thrown from a main road and damaging vehicles.

The incidents happened near to a bridge on the A14 at Trimley St Mary on Thursday 15 December.

The two boys both aged 8 years and from the Felixstowe area have been interviewed by officers and both admitted their involvement in objects being thrown at vehicles.

Thirteen vehicles including an ambulance were damaged in total.

Detective Superintendent Stuart Sedgwick who has been leading an investigation into a number of similar incidents which have occurred on major trunk roads in the county said: “We were shocked to discover that the incidents in Trimley St Mary on 15 December had been committed by boys of such a young age. We are confident that these two were responsible for the reported incidents from that day and we will now be working with the boys, their parents and the youth offending service to ensure the boys are educated about the dangers and consequences of their actions.”

Police and partners, including the county council, borough and district councils, Fire and Rescue Service, Ambulance Service and Highways Agency, are working together to deal with a number of incidents of objects being thrown from bridges over key routes in Suffolk and enquiries are ongoing.

Motorists travelling on the main routes through Suffolk are being asked to report any suspicious activity.

Posters are being placed at a number of bridges over the A14 and A12 bearing the message: Spot Anything Suspicious? Call 999.

The posters also have a bridge reference number, which motorists can quote to help the police arrive quickly on scene.


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