A14 Toll Plan To Be Dropped

4 December 2013, 07:55 | Updated: 4 December 2013, 08:45

The Government has confirmed it is going to drop a plan to charge people to use an upgraded section of the A14.

There has been an ongoing campaign in Suffolk to drop the idea saying it would have been like taxing people to get to Suffolk.

Chief secretary to Treasury Danny Alexander, speaking on BBC Breakfast, said: 'I will be talking today about the A14, that is a major connection from some of our most important port facilities to get their goods to market.

'We will be confirming that that project is going ahead, it is going to be funded by the Government with no tolls on that road, but also no delay to the delivery of that project.

'That is an example of a key road where we need to get the investment going, where we are committed to the investment going forward, we are shortening the time scales to deliver that project.'