Bury Police Focus On Parking

23 February 2010, 05:56 | Updated: 23 February 2010, 06:14

Drivers in Bury St Edmunds are being urged to comply with the parking regulations, to ensure that traffic flows freely through the town centre, and pedestrians and other road users stay safe.

Suffolk Police's Bury Central Safer Neighbourhood Team has received numerous complaints of illegal parking from both the public and local councillors, and is now assigning a member of the team to specifically deal with the issue.

Sergeant Richard Prouse says, “We are focussing on this as a direct result of feedback we receive from local residents on a daily basis.  It is clear that a minority of drivers are flouting the parking regulations, which is having an adverse effect on traffic flow and the safety of pedestrians in the town centre.

“By having a dedicated officer not only to enforce the rules, but to educate drivers too, the SNT have set town centre parking as a key issue and it will be dealt with robustly and positively.  

“I hope that this firm approach will show the minority of drivers how dangerous and inconsiderate their parking is, and will make them think twice before parking illegally, whether that be on a pavement, in a loading bay or on a double yellow line. A legitimate parking space may cost a few pounds to use, but it is safe and doesn’t impede the flow of traffic. Parking illegally can put others at risk, clog up the town, and will cost £30.”