'Fast Eddie' Granted Legal Aid

24 July 2012, 15:28 | Updated: 24 July 2012, 15:36

A man charged in connection with the theft of more than £1 million from a security van in Felixstowe in Suffolk has been granted Legal Aid.

A former security guard charged with the theft of nearly £1.2 million in Suffolk has been granted legal aid, a court heard.

Eddie Maher, 57, is being held in Norwich prison after being arrested in Missouri, US, in connection with the 1993 theft of a Securicor van.

He was deported to the UK earlier this month and charged with theft. He is yet to enter a plea.

Maher appeared via videolink at South East Suffolk Magistrates' Court in Ipswich.

The court heard he had been granted legal aid.

He will remain in custody until his next hearing on August 7, which will also be via videolink at the magistrates' court.


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