Food Fight In Cafe

1 June 2011, 14:29 | Updated: 1 June 2011, 14:33

Police had to be called to a Suffolk cafe after a customer dispute erupted into a food fight.

Fish, ketchup and mushy peas went flying during the incident at The Beach House Cafe and Bistro in Thorpeness.

A spokeswoman for The Beach House said a table of four had demanded a refund after being warned they would face an hour-long wait because the restaurant was busy.

She added: "We gave them a refund, including the cost of the alcohol they had consumed, but the next thing we knew one member of the group started abusing the waiter.

My staff tried to remain civil and polite despite the confrontation.

The waiter tried to withdraw a plate of food and it went everywhere.

One of the female members of staff was left with ketchup all over her shirt and the waiter got mushy peas down his back. There were chips all over the floor.''

Suffolk Police received a call about the incident from one of the diners, a spokesman confirmed.

Three squad cars attended the incident and spoke to both parties.

Neither side made any criminal allegations and the matter was resolved at the scene.