Haverhill: Boy Followed By Man Twice

Suffolk Police are looking for a man after a teenager was followed on two separate occasions this week.

Police are appealing for information following two suspicious incidents in Haverhill this week.

Both occasions have involved the same victim, a 16-year-old-boy, who was sledging on Mace Hill in Linton Place.

The first incident occurred at around 8pm on Tuesday 7 February when the boy began to walk home. An unknown male then followed him very closely, keeping around three paces behind the boy.

The suspect followed the boy for around 80 metres before turning around and walking back along the road.

The same thing occurred at 8.25pm on Thursday 9th February. On this occasion, the man followed the boy as far as the underpass on Strasbourg Square.

The victim shouted at the man to leave him alone and the suspect then turned around and walked off.

The suspect is described as white, about six feet tall and of average build. He has a beard and was wearing a shiny black waist length jacket with blue jeans. He was wearing the same clothes on both occasions.

Anyone with any information can contact PC Robert Bunton on 101 or by calling Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111.