Ipswich Academy: One Year On

1 March 2012, 15:13 | Updated: 1 March 2012, 18:31

A year on since Holywells High School became the Ipswich Academy, they've been telling Heart they are starting to see improvements.

It used to be Holywells High School, but became an Academy last March as the school was under achieving.

It is now sponsored by the Learning Schools Trust partnership of Academies,a non-profit, charitable organisation that operates the Kunskapsskolan-sponsored academies in England. That means it is now independent from the National Curriculum.

So far attendance has improved by around 4% and there has been some progress in exam results.

Head teacher Nancy Robinson is telling Heart, whilst they still have further to go, they are pleased with how the model is working so far: "We now have a family atmosphere within the three colleges that we've created and therefore we know exactly what is happening with the students. Also, students have a weekly tutorial which is a one to one with their tutor and again it helps us build those positive relationships which is essential for learning."

Hear From Head Teacher Nancy Robinson

Hear From Chief Executive John Baumber

Students From The Ipswich Academy