Ipswich: Broomhill Pool to Re-Open?

23 November 2011, 05:51 | Updated: 23 November 2011, 05:58

After years of campaigning, it looks like the Broomhill Lido in Ipswich could be getting the chance to re-open.

last night Ipswich Borough Council's Executive gave the decision to let a new operator re-open the outdoor swimming pool.

Councillors are putting £1 million towards the project, which could help to attract other funding.

The operator, which had expressed a strong interest in restoring the pool and changing rooms and building a new fitness suite on the site, will now have to develop detailed plans for the £5 million project that will also need Heritage Lottery Funding in order to succeed.

Councillor Bryony Rudkin, the Borough Council’s Culture portfolio-holder, said: “We are pleased to give this project our backing and hope the operator and the Broomhill Trust succeed in attracting more financial support. We have restated our pledge to give £1 million to restore the lido but a great deal more work needs to be done.”
The Council had considered other options but Councillor Rudkin added: “We want to give the operator a real chance to get Broomhill open again and running as a viable all-year-round concern.”

The restoration option includes reinstating the grandstand and clock tower and providing a 50-station fitness facility with crèche.

The pool on Sherrington Road in Ipswich was first opening in 1938, but was closed in 2002, and plans had been discussed to fill in the pool for health and safety reasons.

Broomhill Pool