Ipswich: Man Kidnapped And Burnt For Money

5 March 2013, 13:58 | Updated: 5 March 2013, 14:02

A man's been kidnapped in Ipswich and taken to a house where he was burnt and the offenders demanded money.

At around 3:15pm yesterday the victim was parked in a silver Mercedes in Bell Close, when two men got into the car and threatened him with a knife. The man was forced into the back of the car and driven to a terrace house in the town.

Inside the house the victim was blindfolded and asked for money. He was also burnt and is still having treatment in hospital for his injuries, which are not life threatening.

The victim was later given his car keys and allowed to leave. When he got home he found that his property in Cemetery Road had also been burgled.

Police are looking for three black men and two white women in connection with the incident.