Ipswich: Men Guilty of Conspiracy to Commit Robbery at Jewellers

10 February 2012, 06:00

Three men have been found guilty of conspiracy to robbery after a raid on a jewellers on Tavern Street in Ipswich.

Its after an incident that took place on the morning of Wednesday June 15 last year at Goldsmiths jewellers on Tavern Street shortly in Ipswich where a group of men entered the premises and threatened the staff.

A sledgehammer and an axe were used to smash the interior of the shop shop window and one of the glass counters in the robbery.

The staff involved were all left extremely shaken by the crime. The sledgehammer, axe, along with three vehicles and two motorcycles, used in connection with the crime were later all recovered and provided the source for valuable forensic evidence to which, along with witnesses, assisted to convict the group. A total of nearly £80,000 of high value watches were stolen in the raid.

21-year-old mechanic Danny Obryan from Church Lane in Bulphan, and 24-year-old social worker Charles Onyemelukwe from Cubitt Street in Camden, north London were found guilty this morning. 25-year-old railway worker Benjamin Murphy from Austen Close in Loughton was found guilty on Tuesday afternoon.

George Paget, 19 years from Roden Street from London pleaded guilty at an earlier hearing in October last year, while 20-year-old Dean Armstrong of Popham Street, Inworth Walk from London also pleased guilty at a separate hearing in November last year.

Detective Sergeant Darren Bruce who led the investigation into the robbery said: “This was a violent robbery that was carefully planned and executed by the offenders. I’d like to thank all those witnesses, including the shop staff and members of the public who came forward to help us secure these convictions - their support and assistance certainly helped  us in reaching this result.”