Ipswich: More Big Roadworks For Town?

28 January 2014, 08:00 | Updated: 28 January 2014, 08:25

We are being asked what we think of plans for changes to three key road junctions in Ipswich.

They are part of the town-wide Travel Ipswich improvement scheme.

Proposals are being put to public consultation to improve these junctions, to help manage the substantial flow of traffic in and around the town centre. The areas being consulted on are:

Norwich Road/Chevallier Street

Proposals at Norwich Road/Chevallier Street would see the widening of pavements to allow shared cycle and pedestrian use, the upgrade of existing crossings and a new controlled Toucan crossing outside Westwood Court on Norwich Road, to replace the existing uncontrolled crossing.

Woodbridge Road/Argyle Street

Proposals at Woodbridge Road/Argyle Street would see the installation of traffic lights on Woodbridge Road, to allow a more controlled flow of traffic into Argyle Street and improved mobility for pedestrians and cyclists.

Felixstowe Road/Nacton Road

Proposals at Felixstowe Road/Nacton Road would see traffic lights introduced at of the junction between Felixstowe Road and Nacton Road. These would help manage the flow of traffic into town and give improved access for pedestrians and cyclists.

Councillor Graham Newman, Suffolk County Council’s cabinet member for roads and transport, said:“With the continuing increase of the population in Ipswich, as well as the growth that is forecast in years to come, it’s vital that we better manage vehicle movement in and around the town centre.

“Suffolk County Council has sought the advice from experts who have successfully implemented similar traffic management schemes in other towns and cities across the UK. This has helped us develop three proposals for junctions in Ipswich, which would enable the system to work at maximum efficiency, as well as allowing better pedestrian and cycle movements in the centre.

“I would urge Ipswich residents to visit the exhibition at Tower Ramparts or the Travel Ipswich website to find out more and have their say. I will listen carefully to the feedback received and work with officers to arrive at the best possible option for everyone travelling in the town.”

 Plans are available on the top floor of Tower Ramparts shopping centre to view, with the public consultation ending on Monday 10 February. Information will also be made available via the Travel Ipswich website.