Leiston: Man Jailed After Police Stand-off

30 January 2013, 06:00 | Updated: 30 January 2013, 07:14

A man has been jailed for 16 months after a stand-off with police at a house in Leiston in Suffolk.

Scott Abbott, formerly from Farrow Close, admitted affray following an incident at Farrow Close in the town on Sunday 30 September last year.

After changing his plea to guilty he was sentenced to 16 months imprisonment.

Around 2.20am on Sunday 30 September police received a 999 call from a woman who initially said she wanted someone removed from her home. A man was heard in the background and officers immediately attended. On arrival it became apparent that Abbott was inside and he told police he had knives and guns and would not let the other occupants inside the property out of the house.

A short time later a distressed woman left the premises and told officers there was a two-year-old child and another woman in the house with Abbott and that he had a large knife. It became clear that he had barricaded himself in, cut the power to the property and that there had previously been a dispute between Abbott and the woman he was holding inside. Negotiations began to try to get Abbott to leave the property and resolve the matter without anyone being hurt. Just after 6.30am Abbott voluntarily came out of the premises and was arrested.

Officer in the case DC Fiona Keeble, of Suffolk Coastal CID, said; "Despite Abbott refusing to comment during much of his interview following the incident there was sufficient evidence to charge him and we are pleased that the court has seen fit to given him a term of imprisonment. This was a distressing incident and his late guilty plea has spared those involved having to go through a trial.  "Abbott had previously boasted of being 'untouchable' but, as his jailing demonstrates, no one is above the law and we will continue to work to bring those responsible for crime to justice."