Life for Suffolk killers

Two men who punched and kicked a terminally ill Suffolk man to death have been sentenced to life in jail.

Father-of-three John Vry, 55, who was suffering from bowel cancer, was "stamped on'' in an assault in Lowestoft, on 3rd December 2008.

23 year old James Killingback, of Denmark Road in Lowestoft, will serve a minimum of 19 years and a 17 year old boy will serve a minimum of 12 years.  Both had denied murdering the terminally ill man during their trial at Ipswich Crown Court in October 2009.

Prosecutor Karim Khalil QC said Mr Vry was subject to a violent attack and later died in hospital with serious head injuries. Mr Vry had been given a life expectancy of between three and six months by doctors last summer, he said.

Mr Khalil said Mr Vry, who had undergone surgery and chemotherapy for his cancer, had been in no condition to defend himself.