Loo ban for mum-to-be

An Ipswich woman, who's 6 months pregnant, was told she couldn't use a loo at a local Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant.

The incident happened in the height of the bad weather last week. Vanessa Porter from Ipswich had been heading to pick up her husband when she got stuck in the snow.

The expectant mum went into a nearby KFC at St Augustines to ask if she could use the toilet but was refused.

A member of staff told her she couldn't use the loo because of the health and safety reasons.

Vanessa told Heart: "I've worked in hospitality for many many years and I would never have treated anybody like that in that sort of circumstance, regardless of whether you're insured or not."

In a statement KFC, said the following: "“We’re very sorry that we were unable to help Mrs Porter. Our Felixstowe Road store is an Express outlet with no dining area or customer toilets, and due to insurance and strict health and safety regulations, we are unable to allow members of public to go through the kitchens to the staff area.  

"Our staff explained this at the time and were very apologetic, suggesting some other stores in the area where Mrs Porter might be able to go."