Lotto Win For Mum Of Two

6 December 2010, 15:16 | Updated: 6 December 2010, 16:30

A supermarket worker and Mum of two from Lowestoft has just got an early Christmas present after winning a £5,629,964 share of the Lotto Double Rollover jackpot last Wednesday.

Sue Stebbings, was getting ready for her early shift at work on Thursday morning when she checked her numbers and found she had matched all six numbers to win the jackpot.

Sue said: "I couldn't believe it - I kept looking at the TV screen and my ticket and seeing the same six numbers but I thought I must have made a mistake.  I didn't trust my eyes as it was only 5.45am so I woke up my husband and then our children so they could check I wasn't seeing things!  

Even after they double checked, I was still in shock.  I went into work and told my boss but I couldn't concentrate so he sent me home a couple of hours later!"

43-year-old Sue and her husband 46-year-old Richard are now planning to celebrate Christmas in style with their family including their two children 20-year-old Vicky and 17-year-old Charley. The couple will use the windfall to pay off their mortgage and invest in their children's future - and top of their shopping list are new cars and a fishing boat.

Sue continued: "Richard loves to go sea-fishing with our son off the coast but we haven't got a boat so I'd like to get them a proper fishing boat.  We'll also sort both the children out with cars and upgrade our car.  

Richard can't decide between a sports car and something more practical so we'll probably get one each!"  

The couple also plan to go on holiday to a few more far flung destinations.  Sue said: "Richard used to be a Chief Petty Officer in the Navy so has travelled all over but neither of us has been to Australia or New Zealand so we'll definitely be planning a long haul holiday in the near future."

Sue has played the lottery since launch and usually plays one Lucky Dip line and another line with a set of lucky numbers on Lotto every Wednesday and Saturday.  She bought the winning ticket, which was a Lucky Dip. The winning Lotto numbers on Wednesday 1 December were 20, 21, 22, 24, 27, 34 and the bonus ball was 29.

The Lotto jackpot for Wednesday's draw (8 December) is an estimated
£2.4 million.