Lowestoft: Another Diver Rescued Off The Coast

5 September 2013, 06:50 | Updated: 5 September 2013, 07:04

Days after a diver died near Lowestoft and the lifeboat's been called to another diver in distress.

The RNLI have told Heart that a Dutch vessel heading from Rotterdam to Lowestoft called for help yesterday afternoon after a diver operating from the ship was suspected to be suffering from Decompression Sickness also known as ‘The Bends’.

Lowestoft RNLI Lifeboat Spirit of Lowestoft was launched at 4.50pm.

A Search & Rescue helicopter from RAF Wattisham was also scrambled to the vessel, which was 20 miles south east of the Lowestoft.

Coxswain John Fox said "We were called to support the helicopter in the rescue of a diver in trouble. We were within four miles of the incident when the helicopter reported that they were on scene and had the man on board."

The helicopter then headed to the James Paget Hospital in Gorleston with the casualty and Lowestoft lifeboat returned to port.