Men Guilty Of Serious Sexual Assault

Three men have been convicted of the rape a 16-year-old girl in an incident at a home in Holland Road in Felixstowe on New Year's Day in 2010.

29-year-old Arturas Bagdziunas from Leeward Court in Felixstowe, 31-year-old Mindaugas Mickevicius from Holland Road in Felixstowe, and 26-year-old Aivaras Urbonas from Beach Road West in Felixstowe were found guilty at Ipswich Crown Court.

Detective Sergeant Tamlyn Burgess, one of the officers overseeing the case, said; 

“This was a nasty attack on a teenage girl who has been left traumatised by her ordeal. She has, however, had the courage to see this through and to ensure those responsible were brought to justice for their actions. It is testament to her bravery and the comprehensive work by DC Hannah Martin and the other officers who have supported her and investigated the case that we have today's verdict.

“All allegations of rape are taken seriously by Suffolk Police and always fully investigated by a dedicated team of officers.  Offences of this nature where the offender and victim are not known to each other are thankfully rare in Suffolk and offences involving more than one offender are even rarer still.

“Sex without full consent is rape and the way this group of offenders acted that night is sickening. We hope that the victim will take some comfort from these verdicts and that it will help her move forward with her life.”