More CCTV Released Of Tragic Lowestoft Mum

17 April 2013, 13:13 | Updated: 17 April 2013, 13:31

Police have released more CCTV images of a Lowestoft mum in the hours before she died and her children's bodies were found.

The images show 23-year-old Fiona at two locations in Lowestoft in the hours immediately before she was found dead near the multi-storey car park in Gordon Road.

Police were called to Gordon Road just after 8am on Monday, April 15 after Fiona was found with severe head injuries. She was pronounced dead at the scene.

Enquiries into the incident led police to an address in London Road South, Lowestoft, where the bodies of her three children were discovered. They are all infants, aged three, two and 11 months.

The CCTV images were released last night – and resulted in a positive response from the local community.

In total, 13 people came forward to say they had seen Fiona walking in Lowestoft on the morning of April 15. This includes the cyclist, who was pictured cycling along Gordon Road at the time when Fiona was seen entering the car park.

Today, police are releasing some more CCTV images that are clearer to try to get people to come forward with information.

They show Fiona wearing a long white coat and black shoes. She has long dark hair and is visibly pregnant.

CCTV Lowestoft Children Deaths

CCTV Lowestoft Children Deaths


The images were captured outside the Fyffe Centre on Belvedere Road at approximately 6:20am on Monday, April 15.  It's about 5 minutes after the last CCTV images that were released yesterday.

Fiona was also seen close to the Denes High School on Yarmouth Road, where she is seen walking towards the town centre.

Detective Superintendent John Brocklebank said:

“I would like to thank the media for publishing these CCTV images, which have encouraged people to come forward. We will be speaking in detail to all these people, to see if they can help us piece together Fiona’s final movements.”

“I hope these new images will give people a better idea of Fiona’s appearance – and result in more information from local the community about Fiona’s whereabouts in the hours before she died.

“She was seen walking in locations both north and south of the bridge in Lowestoft. If anyone saw her or spoke to her, I would urge them to get in touch.

"We are continuing with our enquiries.

“As I have already said, it is important that we conduct a meticulous investigation to find out how Fiona and her three children have died, for the sake of her family and the local community.”

A post mortem examination conducted on Fiona found that her death was caused by severe head injuries, consistent with a fall from height.

Post mortem examinations have been conducted on her three children. In all three cases, the cause of death was unascertained and further tests will be required.

Formal identification of the children has not taken place, but they have been named locally as Levina, Addy and Kyden.

Examinations of the flat in London Road South are still going on – and it is thought that the cordon will remain in place for at least the next 24 hours.

Anyone who saw Fiona or has any other information should contact Suffolk Police on 101.