School Admissions Deadlines

9 January 2012, 07:22 | Updated: 9 January 2012, 07:26

Parents and carers are being reminded that the closing date for applications for primary and middle school places is fast approaching.

The closing date for all applications, in Suffolk, whether they are online or by post is Friday 13 January 2012. In Norfolk, it's Monday 16th of January 2012.

Suffolk County Council is telling Heart that due to changes to the Admissions Oversubscription Criteria, the county council is no longer able to guarantee a place in a catchment area school (where there is one in operation) and it is therefore recommended that parents and carers include more than one school on their application form.

Councillor Graham Newman, Portfolio Holder for Children, Schools and Young People, said: "Choosing the right school for your child is one of the most important decisions you make on your child's behalf.

I would urge all parents and carers to make an application by the deadline to give them the best chance of securing a place at their preferred school. It is possible to list a maximum of three schools on the application form.  I would strongly advise parents and carers to do this."

The Admissions Oversubscription Criteria for community and voluntary controlled schools in Suffolk now gives a higher priority to siblings.  This means that if you have a child already at or about to start at the school you are applying for, it is very important that you include their details on your application form.  Failure to provide this information may affect the offer of a school place.

If there is demand for more places at a school than are available, then who gets a place will be decided according to our agreed oversubscription criteria.