Study Into Eating Disorder Websites - Results

6 December 2012, 06:00

The results of a study into pro-eating disorders by University Campus Suffolk has been published.

A new study has been looking at hundreds of what are known as Pro-Ana sites.

They encourage people suffering with eating disorders to carry on with damaging behaviour. Giving them tips and tricks about how to hide their illness and to lose weight.

Dr Emma Bond, based at University Campus Suffolk in Ipswich, carried out the research in her report 'Virtually Anorexic', and works closely with Norwich-based eating disorder charity Beat.

The report shows the shocking number of sites available - and also looks at how people who find the sites can often have been looking for help.

Lianne Thorndyke is from Beat and tells Heart more about the findings...

Lianne Thorndyke from Beat

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