Sudbury: Teen Takes On Tesco Over Knives

8 March 2012, 06:00

Anti-knife campaigner takes on Supermarket Giant Tesco.

The teenager behind Suffolk's year-long knife amnesty has successfully stopped a promotion at her local telcos.

18 year old Holly Watson from Sudbury started the Bin-A-Blade campaign last year with Suffolk police after her brother was stabbed and killed.

When she saw her local Tescos was offering a big discount on knives she contacted them to get it stopped, asking why they didnt discount food or petrol instead.

Holly says she was shocked when they agreed...

Holly Watson Takes on Tesco

Tesco told Heart:

"Following concerns raised by customers in the Sudbury area, we have decided to discontinue this promotion in the Sudbury store.


"We would like to stress that we take a responsible approach towards the sale of knives and operate a strict Think 25 policy. This means that if a customer looks under 25, they must show ID to prove they are over 18 years old or they will not be allowed to buy any age-restricted product, such as knives."