Suffolk and Norfolk Drink Drive Campaign

30 November 2012, 09:30 | Updated: 30 November 2012, 09:51

Police in Norfolk and Suffolk say they will be taking extra steps to catch anyone drinking and driving this Christmas.

The police forces are working together to provide a visible presence day and night, seven days a week, as festive celebrations begin.

Assistant Chief Constable Charlie Hall said: “There will be nowhere for drink drivers to hide this Christmas and New Year, and no excuses. Officers will be on patrol in both counties from Saturday 1 December onwards, with the specific tasking to stop any driver who causes them concern, whether it be as a result of their manner of driving or because their car has a defect .They will then carry out a breath test as appropriate. All drivers involved in collisions will also be tested.

“Whilst officers from the new joint Roads Policing Unit are leading this initiative, every single uniformed officer in Norfolk and Suffolk will be taking part. We want everyone to think twice before getting into their car, whether it be after a night out, on the way to work the next morning, or after a pub lunch or visiting friends and relatives – officers will be on duty and will stop and breath test you.”

During last year’s Christmas drink drive campaign, 5958 drivers were breath tested and 185 tested positive. ACC Hall continued: “Whilst this is only three percent of drivers tested who were over the limit, each one found guilty will have received a criminal record that will affect their job prospects for the rest of their lives, a driving ban and a fine or custodial sentence. Some will have been injured in collisions they caused when drunk, or may have injured others as a result of drinking and driving.

“There are plenty of safe ways to get home after your celebrations – take a taxi or other public transport, or have a designated driver who only has soft drinks on your night out, as promoted this Christmas by Suffolk Roadsafe. Even the day after you may still have enough alcohol in your system to put you over the limit – consider this before getting into your car to drive to work the next day, and take a day off or get a lift in.

“Driving whilst under the influence of drink or drugs will seriously impair your ability to drive and puts others at risk on Norfolk and Suffolk’s roads. We work all year round with our Think! Norfolk and Suffolk Roadsafe partners to make our roads safer and prevent more people from being killed or serious injured – our seasonal campaign should serve as a reminder not only to not drink and drive, but to take more care when driving and ensure your vehicle is roadworthy.”