Suffolk Bishop Calls For Cigarettes To Be Renamed 'Cancerettes'

Rev Charles Mugleston from Witnesham has launched an online petition calling for the government to bring in a law to change the word.

The Bishop told Heart that the idea came to him at the recent funeral of a friend who'd passed away from lung cancer, caused by smoking. 

"I thought, what shall I do? How shall I word it? Quite simply I wrote down 'to rename cigarettes cancerettes' - because that is what they are."

He hopes the e-petition will encourage people not to smoke and lower the number of deaths caused by tobacco, and is optimistic about its potential success.

"I think we will crack it, if we get the weight of the signatures, plenty of publicity and just ask people to look at common sense".

"I hope the petition will take hold, capture people's imagination and do its work" he added.

Sign his e-petition here: