Suffolk Mum Speaks Out On Bowel Cancer

1 April 2010, 06:52

A Suffolk Mum who had to give birth to her daughter early after being diagnosed with bowel cancer has spoken to Heart.

Zoe Allen from Pinewood, Ipswich noticed problems with her bowels in her 12th week of pregnancy, but wasn't fully diagnosed until 32 weeks. After three weeks Leni Rose was born, and five weeks after that Zoe started chemotherapy treatment for her bowel cancer.

At the start of Bowel Cancer Awareness Month Zoe, who's just 34 years old has spoken to Heart about how rare it is for a woman of her age to be diagnosed with the disease, and how important it is to stay positive.

Zoe will be raising money for Lynn Faulds Woods Bowel Cancer charity when she skydives out of a plane with her friend in May. She told Heart she's more scared of that experience than any operation she'll need to get rid of her cancer!