Suffolk Police Dog Wins Hero Award

22 May 2012, 07:44 | Updated: 22 May 2012, 17:16

A Suffolk police dog who was injured whilst helping to make an arrest last year in Ipswich has won a 'hero dog' award at the 2012 Dogs Trust Honours, an awards ceremony that celebrates the relationship between man and dog and recognises dogs for their dedication or bravery.

Aman was crowned winner of the “Hero Service Dog” category. Aman displayed true heroics when he was stabbed multiple times by an armed man. Whilst holding onto the assailant’s arm, Aman received repeated stab wounds to his body, causing serious blood loss. The man also stabbed Aman’s handler, Steve Jay, during the ensuing struggle. 

Despite both Steve and Aman having significant injuries, they both continued to assist their colleagues in the eventual restraint and disarming of the assailant. They survived the attack and continue to work together.

Aman Before Injury

PC Steve Jay, of Suffolk Police HQ said:

“We are so proud to have Aman as part of our team. The amazing thing about him is his loyalty to me and the rest of our colleagues, which prevails even when he has been severely injured. Aman continues to be an asset to our team and is a worthy winner in our eyes as we could not do without him.”

Clarissa Baldwin OBE, Dogs Trust Chief Executive comments: 

“Over the last five years, Dogs Trust Honours has been raising awareness of the amazing role dogs play in our lives and how we repay that loyalty. This year we were inundated with amazing tales of heroics. It has been a privilege to meet the   winners and give them the recognition they deserve.”



Other winners on the night were:

Hero Pet Dog- Izzy - a family dog who has saved the life of her diabetic owner not once, but twice, by raising the alarm after her owner suffered a hypoglycaemic attack. Izzy is not a trained diabetic alert dog, but has simply become a lifesaver through incredible loyalty and instinct.

Dogged Devotion - Ajay  - an epilepsy alert dog who was retrained to also be a guide dog when his owner went blind and subsequently was a pillar of support to a four year old member of the family following heart reconstruction surgery.

Dog’s Best Friend – Carlos Parreira – a 15-year-old schoolboy who gives up his spare time to help improve the quality of dogs’ lives through volunteering, fundraising and fostering at Little Dog Rescue.

Local Authority Champion – Borough of Kensington and Chelsea - a special award to recognise the borough of Kensington and Chelsea for their work in considering polices that affect dogs in their region, and their commitment to ensuring that the dogs in their borough are better controlled, happy, safe and live harmoniously with all residents.

PC Steve Jay Speaks To Heart's Angie Clague