Suffolk Schools Grow Their Own

2 March 2010, 05:39 | Updated: 2 March 2010, 05:52

Schools across Suffolk are being encouraged to grow their own vegetables for use in school lunches or the classroom.

Suffolk County Catering are in the process of sending millions of seeds out to schools ready for them to get planting when the cold weather subsides.

Schools will be supplied with seeds to grow their own wheat, pumpkins, walking stick cabbage, carrots, spinach, salad leaves and potatoes.  Once grown the vegetables can be cooked and served for lunch in the school canteen.

Chris Denny, Development & Support Manager for Suffolk County Catering said; “We’re once again sending seeds out to schools so the children can have fun growing their own vegetables.  Although fun, teachers will also be able to use them as an educational tool to teach children about where their food comes from.

“Where possible, we try to make sure the food served in our schools comes from local suppliers and you can’t get more local than being grown on the school grounds.”