Suffolk: Schools Sign Up To Olympics Scheme

12 March 2012, 05:00

Suffolk is the first county in the region to have all of its schools signed up to the official London 2012 Education Get Set Programme.

Suffolk officially has the largest number of schools signed up to the Get Set Programme, but there are still 108 schools that have not registered with the Network that provides a number of Olympic and Paralympic related benefits. 

Suffolk currently has 381 educational establishments, of which 100% are registered with Get Set and 71.2% of which are members of the Get Set network. The county's children and young people will benefit from the wide range of free resources available through the Get Set Network, such as visits from athletes and fun activities linked to The Games; however there are still some schools that are at risk of missing out. 

Being registered with Get Set is not the same thing as being a member of the Get Set network. Registered schools and colleges must apply to join using a simple, fast and effective form telling London 2012 what they have done or what they have planned which is inspired by the Games. 

Councillor Kathy Gosling, Suffolk County Council's Portfolio Holder for Sport, Culture, Diversity, Health and Wellbeing said: "I am delighted to announce that all our schools here in Suffolk have signed up to the Get Set Programme. I would strongly urge any school that is yet to become a member of the Get Set Network to do so soon to avoid Suffolk pupils from missing out.

 It doesn't take very long to sign up, and the questions are really simple, it's completely worth it to make sure that our children are given every chance to be involved in the London 2012 celebrations." 

Schools can apply on-line to join the Get Set Network at: 

Further advice or guidance about joining the Get Set Network at: