Suffolk Show Cancelled

8 June 2012, 08:51 | Updated: 8 June 2012, 14:00

Organisers of the Suffolk Show have confirmed this morning that it has been cancelled.

They have decided to call off the event at Trinity Park in Ipswich due to what they say are health and safety reasons because of the adverse weather conditions.

Those arriving at Trinity Park will be turned away from the site, owing to predicted high winds and safety concerns.

We have a weather warning out for stong gale force winds and stormy conditions across Suffolk and Norfolk today, with gusts in some places expected to reach up to more than 40mph in places.

Christopher Bushby, executive director, said: 

"The reason we have decided to shut the show today is because we have been advised of a severe weather warning, with Force 9 winds predicted. 

This has not been an easy decision for us to reach, but it has been taken after careful consideration because we are not willing to take the risk with people's lives.

A process for reimbursing those who have purchased tickets in advance, will be put in place in the coming days." 

Christopher added: "We will be offering refunds to those who have bought tickets in advance. 

Details will be made available on the Suffolk Show website."

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Meanwhile, there had also been some travel problems around the site on the A14 at Nacton Road as people were heading away from Trinity Park but those delays have now cleared.

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