Suffolk: Warning Over Exploding Mobile Chargers

28 February 2013, 10:52 | Updated: 28 February 2013, 10:59

Trading standards are warning Heart about counterfeit mobile phone chargers that have exploded whilst being used.

On 28 January, a report was received that a white mobile phone charger marked “Emerson Network Power” had exploded in use.

It was found that the chargers available could cause fire or electric shock. Members of the public who had bought such products were therefore urged to stop using them immediately and to purchase only from reputable suppliers.

The chargers have now been confirmed as counterfeits, with a number of different designs currently on the market.

Features indicating that they are counterfeit include the following: -

  • Wording as to where the products are designed and by whom is omitted.
  • Black or dark printing – text on genuine chargers is either light grey or lightly engraved.
  • Misspelling of words such as model or safety
  • Safety mark number ends in inappropriate numbers or letters such as TJ (genuine is 11).
  • Product supplied as a separate item and unboxed.

Fake Chargers

Fake One Fake Two

Genuine Chargers

Genuine Two Genuine One

Trading Standards say counterfeit products are also often offered at exceptionally low prices which may be an indication that they are not genuine.

If you spot a counterfeit charger on sale, report it to Trading Standards on 08454 040506.