Teen's Memory Loss After Accident

26 May 2011, 05:00 | Updated: 26 May 2011, 16:24

A GCSE student who lost her memory after hitting her head has been telling Heart about how she's been coping.

16-year-old Taylor Smart from Market Weston near Diss had a blackout and hit her head on the bath at her home, in January this year. She has a heart condition which means she can have blackouts.

When she woke up she couldn't remember how to do day to day activities and struggled to remember her friends and family - only recognising her Mum straight away.

She told Heart that her friends now know more about her than she does: "It's really frustrating to have people come up to you and talk to you and know more about you than you know yourself, so I just have to learn to live with the fact that people I don't know are going to come up and talk to me and I've just got to explain or put up with it."

Taylor also says it's difficult when trying to do your exams, as at first she couldn't even remember how to write, "I didn't know what a sandwich was, I didn't know what anything was really. Everyone had to show me what to do. It was really scary because I thought I was going to fail everything. I've gone down a lot in school work but gradually things are coming back."

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