Vote On Tuition Fees

9 December 2010, 05:00

MP's will be voting on a planned rise in University tuition fees today.

If plans go ahead, fees could go up to a maximum of £9,000 a year.

There have already been protests across the country against the plans, with students in Norfolk and Suffolk heading to London to join in demonstrations. Students at the UEA in Norwich also held a protest on campus earlier this week.

However, North Norfolk MP Norman Lamb, who is voting in favour of the plans, told Heart it should make it easier for more students to go to University not more difficult, as there will be no fees to pay up front anymore, only after students graduate.

"(There will be) no charges for students at all, only for graduates and based on your ability to pay, with the poorest 25% less in total than they do now. The lawyer or the merchant banker who ends up on very high earnings, they will pay more."

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