Wattisham: Soldiers Get Medals

12 December 2012, 06:00

Some of our soldiers who flew Apache attack helicopters in Afghanistan and Libya have been recognised for their achievements.

Wattisham-based 4 Regiment Army Air Corps were on parade yesterday and were presented with campaign medals recognising their role in the NATO-led Libya operation in summer 2011 and their service in Afghanistan earlier this year.

The two deployments challenged the unit’s air and ground crews to carry out the Apache’s first operational missions in the salty sea air and confined spaces of a ship sailing off Libya, as well as supporting troops in the hot, high and dusty conditions of Afghanistan.

Colonel Jacko Jackson, Deputy Commander of 16 Air Assault Brigade, presented 66 soldiers who served in the Libya campaign with NATO's Non-Article 5 Operation UNIFIED PROTECTOR medals, which the Queen has granted special permission for military personnel to wear, and a further 44 Operational Service Medals for Afghanistan.

Medal Parade at Wattisham

Medal Parade at Wattisham 2