Jack's here

Congratulations to Matt as his 1st child is born!

Jack William Foister was born yesterday (25th August) at 1.27pm.

He weighed 6lbs 11oz. Mummy & baby are both fine & well.

Congratulations to Matt & his wife.

Check back here for updates when we learn more.

You can leave a message for Matt (or indeed Jack!) below.

Here's a selection of the text messages we received from this mornings Heart Breakfast.


We recently had a little boy called kalan and the best gift we got was a digital baby monitor with colour screen so we could still safely watch him sleeping. Congratulations to you both from Alan in Ipswich.

Congratulations on the safe arrival of Jack. When he's sleeping do not be quiet around him or he will always wake up at any sound! Juliette

Some baby advice 'Take all the advice with a pinch of salt & just go with your gut instinct, you know your baby better than anyone else!' From Lisa in Thurston. Many congratulations. X

Congratulations Matt and Catherine on the arrival of baby Jack. And welcome to the world of parent hood... Put your mobile phone on silent, unplug the landline and don't answer the door.... tell Catherine not to eat any fruit yet, (esp.grapes apples orange) if breast feeding as it will affect baby jack tummy.....(gets tummy ache)

Congratulations Matt & Catherine. Glad everything went OK for you. You'll probably have a few sleepless nights ahead, but you'll never regret it (not for a second). Love & cherish Jack, he's the best gift you could ever wish for. Amanda in Bury xxxx