More Sarah

Meet Sarah Lilley, one half of Heart's Breakfast Show. But just how well does Matt really know her? We put him to the test.


10 Things I Know about Sarah (by Matt)

She loves boots and skinny jeans

She hates The Pet Shop Boys

Her Mum (Marie) thinks she’s got a face like a muffin (as in cake)

She was made to sleep in the Ironing room at Christmas because her Nan had her bed

Her boyfriend’s called Tom (she won’t tell me what her pet name is for him – she calls him Tommy the Tomato)

Her dog’s called Mo

She’s actually terrified of frogs (I mean proper scared)

The only thing she can cook is sandwiches

Not a day goes by without a visit to Top Shop

She gets mad if you pronounce ‘tooth’ as ‘tuth’