Going Green In Bicester

1 June 2011, 06:09

Thousands of eco homes planned for a part of the Thames Valley will cut electricity bills by nearly two thirds.

With 5 thousand of them planned for north west Bicester - people can get an idea of how these greener homes will save money and the environment.

A demonstration house made entirely from recycled materials has been built in Garth Park and will showcase the latest green technology.

The timber frame building has been made from sustainable forests and has triple glazed windows.

Rainwater collected on the roof as well as your bathwater will be stored and used for kitchen appliances and the toilet.

The building won't need any radiators or heaters as it's 10 times more airtight than current homes.

Your own body heat warms up the air in the house - which is then piped out and warms the incoming fresh air.

It also has five solar panels that feed into the national grid which saves money on electricity bills. Ian Inshaw, chairman of P3Eco Bicester, which is behind the eco town said.

"We're using about three planets worth of energy at the moment and that's not sustainable so we have to do something about it. I believe that this a very important step for people to realise that it can be done and it gives you a new way of living."

The eco town will be made up of 4 villages of around 1250 houses, some corner shops, a school and a bus service to Bicester town centre.

Mr Inshaw's told Heart he doesn't have a figure yet on how much the houses will cost but says they'll be competitively priced.

It's taken about two years to get to this stage. A revised planning application for the first phase of the development is being considered by Cherwell District Council.