1,000 Knives Seized at Thames Valley Courts

8 December 2011, 06:00 | Updated: 8 December 2011, 06:21

More than a thousand knives have been confiscated from people going through security at courts in the Thames Valley in the last two years.

Figures obtained under the Freedom of Information Act show 1,093 blades were taken off people going into courts in Berkshire, Oxfordshire and Aylesbury in Buckinghamshire in the last two years.

30 of those were longer than 3 inches.

198 were confiscated at Oxford's Magistrates' and Combined Court while 304 were taken at all 3 courts in Reading.

The number has also increased. In 2009/2010 431 were confiscated, this rose to 663 the year after.

If anyone wants their knife returned they have to put in an application with the police.

HM Courts and Tribunal's Service has told Heart they take the issue of security extremely seriously.

Everyone has to have their bags searched and go through a metal detector.

If a security guard thinks something can be used as a weapon or will disrupt the court it will be taken away - including cameras, with 2,000 being seized in the Thames Valley.

Visitors to the courts also seem to be trying to sneak in alcohol.

1722 alcoholic drinks had to be handed in - a lot of them miniatures. Newbury Law Courts had the highest with almost 500 seized.