6000 Celebrate Oxford May Morning

1 May 2013, 07:16 | Updated: 1 May 2013, 08:11

Extra police and paramedics are in Oxford as around 6,000 people celebrate May Day.

Ceri Gorton, Cultural Development Manager for Oxford City Council's told Heart the fine weather's encouraged around 2,000 more people to come out and celebrate than had been expected.

On May Morning, many pubs opened from sunrise, and some of the college bars are open all night as people celebrate the coming of Spring.

Madrigals are still sung from the roof of the tower of Magdalen College, and thousands gathered on Magdalen Bridge to listen at 6am.

This year Magdalen Bridge was opened to pedestrians - but has since re-opened to traffic.

Ambulances were based either side of the bridge to make sure people don't jump off it into the water. The bridge was closed for several years after too many people were getting hurt.

May Morning

Ceri Gorton added: "We are opening up the city again so everyone can take part in the event together, in a safe and enjoyable environment. May Morning has always been led by the people of Oxford and is about everyone joining in the fun.

"Our aim is to continue to hold a successful event and to support and promote all the activities and events taking place across the city for the people of Oxford to enjoy together.

"We want to remind people that regardless of the river levels, it is always dangerous to enter the river and you are often unaware of the currents, the river levels or what lies on the river bed.”

Area Commander Supt Christian Bunt, who is managing the policing operation said: "The security at the May Day event is managed by Oxford County Council however there is a small additional increase in resources for the night time economy and May Day celebrations which are happening in Oxford.

"These are to help prevent and manage any incidents of crime or disorder that might happen due to the increase in numbers of people visiting the city."