Aylesbury Boy Raises £255,000 For Treatment

25 April 2013, 11:11

Heart's been told an Aylesbury family has raised a quarter of a million pounds in just over a week, to pay for treatment which could help save a seven-year-old boy's life.

Alex Novakovic needs specialist treatment in America for a brain tumour and an appointment opened up unexpectedly at the end of this month.

That left just over a week for his family to raise £255,000 for the treatment. They've gone over the target in around 10 days and Alex will fly out to the states next week.

Support and donations have come in from around the world and the total was reached a day ahead of the target.

His family say it’s given them hope that Alex can be cured.

His mum, Jasmin, said: “This nightmare that I am in is just changing into something completely different and it’s absolutely wonderful.

“I can’t thank people enough for what they are doing for Alex.”