Bamboo Bike Used For Mountain Challenge

5 August 2011, 05:00

Two lecturers from Oxford Brookes University have completed Europe's toughest mountain bike event on bikes partly made from bamboo.

Dr Shpend Gerguri and Dr James Broughton developed the bikes, using bamboo to form the frames.

They completed the Craft Bike Translap event which took them 400 miles across mountain ranges in Germany, Austria and Italy, with climbs totaling more than 21,00 metres.

Bamboo bike

James Broughton told Heart:

"It's been emotional and above all, the bamboo bikes exceeded everyone's expectations and were the talk of the event. Throughout the race stage we were constantly asked about the bike and whether it was really only made of bamboo and natural fibre!"

The frame has already passed European testing standards and could even be sold commercially. 

Bamboo bike