Basingtoke: Pushchair Knocked To Ground

A Mum's had her baby's pushchair knocked to the ground in Basingstoke.

It happened yesterday afternoon as the woman was walking along an alleyway between the train station and Soper Grove.
A man approached her and grabbed hold of the pushchair. The woman's seven-month old son was in the pushchair at the time. The man then shook the pushchair and in the process knocked it to the ground. He then walked off towards the train station.
There is no suggestion that the man was trying to take the child and fortunately, neither the woman nor her baby were injured.
The man is described as:
- White
- Aged in his 30s
- 5ft 8 tall
- Medium build
- Had distinctive large eyebrows
- Was wearing a black hooded-top with a white Nike logo, jeans and black trainers with orange shoe laces.