Berkshire Explorer Rescued From Greenland

1 May 2013, 15:30 | Updated: 1 May 2013, 16:01

An arctic explorer from Berkshire is out of a critical condition in hospital after being rescued from a snow storm in Greenland.

Andy Norman was on an unsupported trek with Philip Goodeve-Docker, who froze to death on the trip, and with experienced expedition leader Roan Hackney.

Mr Goodeve-Docker, who had described the expedition as one of the "great polar challenges'', was crossing the Greenland ice cap when the group got into trouble. 

The three were rescued by local authorities and taken to hospital but Mr Goodeve-Docker died. 

On his JustGiving page Mr Goodeve-Docker wrote of the dangers he would face travelling across one of the most "deadly landscapes in the world''. 

He said the challenge across the world's second largest ice cap from east to west would take 30 to 35 days. "We will travel 550-600km across one of the most dazzling, beautiful, yet barren and deadly landscapes in the world, dragging all our own supplies (between 100-135kg) on individual pulks (sleds),'' he said. 

On his Facebook website his family said: "We wanted to let everyone know that on Sunday morning we had a phone call to confirm that Philip sadly died. 

"To our son, brother and friend, we are so glad that you were on your adventure and expedition that you had wanted to do for so long. You will be unbelievably missed and your memory cherished. xx''

On his website, Mr Norman said the temperature on the first day of the trek was around minus 20C but was estimated to drop to minus 35C overnight. 

Mr Norman, 33, wrote that he wanted to take part in the expedition after spending "most of the 16 years since leaving school working in offices in London''.

He describes Mr Hackney, from London, as the "expedition leader and instigator'' who is "taking on a challenge of his own in taking two rookies to the Arctic''.

"Roan is trained for various organisations including the BAS (British Antarctic Survey), and has worked for various Surveys including in the Canadian Arctic,'' he adds. 

"As a Survey Officer and polar adventurer he has completed several arctic expeditions, including being part of the team that attempted this same expedition 2 years ago. That endeavour was defeated half way through due to a freak storm which destroyed their tents & equipment.''